Security Vulnerabilities and Bug Reporting This article is available without a Celtra login.

Learn how to report security vulnerabilities and unexpected behavior.

Updated: January 19th, 2022


If you have experienced any unexpected behavior or issue on Celtra or any of the platforms used by Celtra, read on to learn how to report it and contribute to the improvement of our platform.

Bug Reporting

If you noticed an unexpected behavior or issue with the Celtra platform, please reach out to via email or via the widget below on this page.

Please provide us with relevant information as detailed on our Issue Reporting Guidelines. This will help us investigate and find a resolution for any issues.

Security Vulnerabilities

If you believe you’ve identified a security vulnerability on the Celtra platform and any of the associated tools used to provide you services on Celtra, please reach out to with details of your findings and steps necessary to identify or reproduce the issue.

Celtra does not have a formal bug bounty program but may reward vulneralbilities that can lead to sensitive data disclosure. Contributors of identified and exploitable concerns verified by Celtra may be offered a reward at our discretion.

We kindly ask you to be comprehensive, yet concise as the security team needs to have all the details required to verify and validate your report. We recommend you provide enough information to:

  • Outline the bug
  • Reproduce the bug (POC)
  • Assess the coverage the bug applies to
  • Provide additional related logs or information or screenshots

Thank you for your report - we endeavor to respond as soon as the issue has been verified.